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YMI Office Seating Collection (Product Catalog)

YMI Office Seating Collection - Utmost Quality & Design to Offer All-Day Ergonomic Experience!

A luxurious collection for the discerning taste bud. Indulge in a pastiche of contemporary elegance and comfort, perfect for those who insist for the utmost in quality and design.

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SEDIA DESIGN (Product Catalog)


We have long history through furniture either sofa, stools, banquet chair and office chair. Our expertise is to create, design, and manufacturing good quality and best design of office chair and sofa.

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MATRIX Chair (Product Catalog)

MATRIX CHAIR - The Artistic Sense!

Modern office chairs are the central element of modern workstations, so it is very important that they meet a number of parameters, perfectly combining functionality and aesthetics.

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KENO DESIGN (Product Catalog)

KENO DESIGN - The expertise in supplying a wide range of Office Chairs!

We build and deliver furniture solutions from design to manufacturing with comfort, style, and functionality in mind to elevate human experience of work and interaction.

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CLASSIC Chair (Product Catalog)

CLASSIC CHAIR - The best chair manufacturer and seating solutions provider!  

With more than 30 years of chair manufacturing and exporting experiences in the furniture industry. Classic Chair was formed with the objectives of producing highest quality office chairs with various designs.

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EVERTON Chair (Product Catalog)

EVERTON CHAIR - One of the leading office chair manufacturer in Malaysia

If you are planning to renovate, or you wish to add something to your office that will help to increase the productivity, Everton Chair is the kind of comfort that you want to live with.

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LT ELANO (Product Catalog)

LT ELANO provides you the budget & quality office seating! 

LT ELANO Chairs are well-designed and thought-through down to the last detail. Each design is made to create both an appealing, flexible and functional chairs.

LT ELANO Chairs Provides You With:
1. Creative at Designs
2. Good Quality

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