LION BD 90 Bankers Door (1220kg)

LION BD 90 Bankers Door (1220kg)

LION BD 90 Bankers Door (1220kg)

RM12,125.00 - RM14,355.00

Category: LION

Brand: LION

Quantity: 10

Handling Charges & Installation Charges:
Optional Fitting - Grille Gate:

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Weight(grams): 1220000

Model: BD 90

External Dimension: 2100H x 1180W mm

Clear Opening: 2005H x 900W mm

Overall Door Thickness: 150mm (Filled with MegaMix 2 material - heavily reinforced agglomerate - resistant to hand and mechanical tools, explosives and blowtorch)

Protective Thickness: 90mm

Locking System: 4-wheel mechanical combination lock + S&G Key Lock

Accessories: 1 pair of operational key for LION BD 90 Door ; 1 pair operational keys for Grille Gate (optional fitting)

Warranty: 1 Year Warranty against manufacturing defects

LION BD 90 Bankers Door

In an industry where you are entrusted with the responsibility of safe-keeping, the LION BD 90 Bankers Door will reinforce your confidence. Built with a high degree of protection against attack from a wide range of sophisticated tools, the LION BD 90 Bankers Door offers a strong and solid line of resistance.

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