LION SD 50 Security Door (610kg)

LION SD 50 Security Door (610kg)
LION SD 50 Security Door (610kg)


LION SD 50 Security Door (610kg)

RM9,095.00 - RM11,325.00

Quantity: 10

Select variant(s): Handling Charges & Installation Charges, Optional Fitting - Grille Gate
Handling Charges & Installation Charges
Optional Fitting - Grille Gate




Weight(grams): 610000

Warranty: 1 Year Warranty against manufacturing defects

Model: SD 50

Fire Resistance: YES

Locking System: UL Listed 3-wheel mechanical combination lock + S&G Key Lock

Accessories: 1 pair of operational key for LION SD 50 Door ; 1 pair operational keys for Grille Gate (optional fitting)

External Dimension: 2100H x 1160W mm

Clear Opening: 2005H x 900W mm

Overall Door Thickness: 135mm (Incorporate MegaMix 1 material, which is reinforced burglar and fire resisting agglomerate.)

Protective Thickness: 50mm

LION SD 50 Security Door

In today's era of information, record keeping is of the utmost importance. Detailed information of transaction, dealings and other vital business information needs to be stored safely and securely. 

Manufactured by LION to be fire resistant and burglary resistant.

The LION SD 50 Security Door is not just simply any security door. It is a gateway to better, more efficient business.


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