NIGEN NG-9 Intelligent Guard Tour Patrol System

NIGEN NG-9 Intelligent Guard Tour Patrol System

NIGEN NG-9 Intelligent Guard Tour Patrol System

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Category: Guard Tour System

Brand: NIGEN

Quantity: 40

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Weight(grams): 220

Model: NG-9

Dimension (Torch): 142 x 32 x 40 mm

Dimension (Wireless Data Downloader): 118 x 82 x 36 mm

Weight (Torch): 150g

Weight (Wireless Data Downloader): 220g

Communication (Torch): Wireless Data Downloader

Transmission (Wireless Data Downloader): Wireless (with NG-9), USB (with computer)

Storage Capacity (Torch): 8,000 logs

Storage Capacity (Wireless Data Downloader): 600,000 logs

Reading Speed (Torch): <0.2second

Reading Distance (Torch): <5cm

Working Indication (Wireless Data Downloader): LED + LCD Display + Beeps On

Battery Type (Torch): CR123A Lithium Battery

Battery Type (Wireless Data Downloader): 3pcs AA Battery

Operating Temperature: -20C ~ +70C

Machine Warranty: 1 Year Warranty against manufacturing defects

NIGEN Intelligent Guard Tour System

Model: NG-11


  • Flexible rubber shell, storng to resist impact. Fully sealed design, waterproof.
  • Auto-induction, free pressing any button to read proximity station.
  • Wireless communication downloader.
  • Downloader with large LCD showing the transaction record, date, time and working indication.
  • Report can be printed in Site/Routes , Location , Person.
  • Software report will match with guards actual patrol activities, automatically will preset plan and generate a result like Late, Missing and on time indication.

Accessories Included:

  • 1nos CD Patrolling System Installer
  • 10nos Proximity Station Point (Check Point)
  • 1nos Wireless Communication Station
  • 1nos of USB Communication Cable


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