iTBOX MD-3 UV Counterfeit Detector

iTBOX MD-3 UV Counterfeit Detector
iTBOX MD-3 UV Counterfeit Detector


iTBOX MD-3 UV Counterfeit Detector


Quantity: 100




Weight(grams): 700

Warranty: 1 Year Warranty against manufacturing defects

Model: iTBOX MD-3

Dimension: 287W x 150D x 144H mm

Weight: 700g

UV Lamp: 16W H-tube UV lamp (Double Bulb Light)

Watermark Detection: YES. (perspective window of white light)

UV Light Counterfeit Detection: YES

Magnetism Head Detection: YES. (with LED light indication)

Magnifying Glass: NO

iTBOX UV Counterfeit Money Detector

Model: MD-3


  • UV light counterfeit detection
  • Magntism Head detection with LED light indication
  • Perspective window of water mark
  • Wide insertion allowed all currencies note, Documents even bank Cheque size
  • With latest design, It can avoid the ultraviolet light damage your eyes directly
  • Check the authenticity of money and credit cards
  • Also cater for IC,pass port,bill,ticket,credit card,verification
  • 2x195mm ultra violet light, Double Bulb more brightness (16W)
  • For RM/Ringgit malaysia & all bank notes use
  • Compact and Portable
  • Dimension (W x D x H)mm : 287 x 150 x 144
  • Weight : 0.7 Kgs
  • Power Supply : AC 220-230V 50hz / AC 110V 60hz
  • Bulb Type : 16W (H Type) (Double Bulb Light)



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