iTBOX RP58E Thermal Printer

iTBOX RP58E Thermal Printer

iTBOX RP58E Thermal Printer

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Category: Accessories

Brand: iTBOX

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Weight(grams): 1000

Model: iTBOX RP58E

Dimension: 126H x 210L x 135W mm

Machine Weight: 400g

Printing Method: Direct Thermal Printing

Printing Speed: Max. 100mm/s

Resolution: 8 dots/mm , 384 dots/line

Effective Printing Width: 48mm

Paper Type: Thermal Paper

Paper Width: 57.5 +/- 0.5mm

Paper Roll Diameter: Max: 83.0mm

Work With: iTBOX iZ-Coin Coint Sorter Machine

Machine Warranty: 1 Year Warranty against manufacturing defects

iTBOX RP58E Coin Sorter Machine

Model: RP58E


1. Long life, high speed, durable performance
2. Low noise direct thermal printing
3. Exquisite design and easy to use
4. Function setup, auto-printing prompt

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