MONEYSCAN CS-850 Coin Counter

MONEYSCAN CS-850 Coin Counter



Weight(grams): 10500

Model: MoneyScan CS-850

Dimension: 340L x 265W x 345H mm

Machine Weight: 8.8kg

Sorting Speed: 2300 coins/min

Hooper Capacity: Up to 11,000 coins

Countable Coin Size: Thickness: 1.0~3.5mm ; Diameter: 15~35 mm

Continuous Counting Mode: YES

Batch Counting Mode: YES

Add Counting Mode: YES

Machine Warranty: 1 Year Warranty against manufacturing defects

MONEYSCAN CS-850 Coin Counter

The CS-850 coin counter have made counting thousands of coins fast, efficient and easy. They also have a built-in sound insulation in order to make the machine operates almost silently. Easy usage motor and belt system count up to 2300 coins/min, showing amount on LED display.

  • Batch Counting
  • Add Counting
  • Continuous Counting Mode
  • 7 digits LED display
  • Built-in sound insulation making the product operate almost silently.
  • Adjustable diameter and thickness settings.


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