APS Personal Safe (AP3)_160kg

APS Personal Safe (AP3)_160kg

APS Personal Safe (AP3)_160kg

RM1,995.00 - RM2,295.00

Category: Personal Safe Series

Brand: APS

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Weight(grams): 160000

Model: AP3

Dimension (external): 706H x 460W x 405D mm

Dimension (internal): 265H x 373W x 273D mm

Weight: 160kg

Fire Resistance: YES

Burglary Resistance: YES

Locking System: 3-Wheel Mechanical Combination Lock Only (top) + Keylock Only (bottom)

Internal Fittings: 1nos adjustable shelf (inside the safe on top)

Accessories: 1nos Instruction Manual ; 1 pair of Operation Key (for the bottom safe)

Changeable Password: YES

Warranty: 1 Year Warranty against manufacturing defects

APS Personal Safe

Model AP3:
A stack up combination of model AP1 (Keyless combination systems) and AP2 (Key lock systems only) which is known as the ''Double Decker Safe'', are designed for space saving which can be placed conveniently at any corner of your premises. This is an ideal combination to protect your importany documents and valuables.

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