6 Compartment Steel Locker

6 Compartment Steel Locker
6 Compartment Steel Locker
6 Compartment Steel Locker
6 Compartment Steel Locker
6 Compartment Steel Locker


6 Compartment Steel Locker

RM413.00 - RM447.00

Quantity: 200

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Weight(grams): 50

Color: Grey

Model: YMI 106

Dimension: 1829H x 381W x 381D mm OR 1829H x 381W x 457D mm

Accessories: Each lock c/w 1 pair of keys

Lock: Standard with Cam Lock (Latch Lock as optional)

Internal Fittings: NO

YMI Steel Locker

YMI lockers are made of high grade steel and epoxy powder coated to a scratch-resistant surface. They are most suitable for shopping complexes, theme parks, public swimming pools, recreational clubs, resorts, school, universities, colleges, libraries, airports,bus and train terminals. Lockers come in a selection of vibrant colors. Each compartment is spacious, well ventilated and lockable by means of either a cam lock or latch lock for pad-locking.


Main Features:

  • YMI lockers are available in choice of 1 to 18 compartments.
  • YMI-101 to YMI-106 are single column lockers and YMI-303 to YMI306 are 3-column units.
  • 1-tier has a shoe shelf and a clothe hanging rod and 2-tier unit has only a clothe hanging rod.
  • All doors are equipped with louvered air-vents for proper ventilation.
  • A choice of either 381 mm (15”) or 457 mm (18”) depth.
  • Flat roof is YMI standard design
  • Options : Extra shelf, sloping top and pedestal legs.

  • Material: Built from high grade steel
  • Body: 0.60 mm thick metal sheet
  • Shelf: 0.60 mm thick metal sheet
  • Finish: Epoxy powder coating to provide a scratch-resistance surface
  • Color: Standard in GREY color

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