FALCON 4.5" Vault Room Door (SSM120)_1500kg

FALCON 4.5" Vault Room Door (SSM120)_1500kg

FALCON 4.5" Vault Room Door (SSM120)_1500kg

RM18,335.00 - RM26,315.00

Quantity: 40

Handling Charges & Installation Charges:
Optional Fitting - Grille Gate (Painted Finished):
Optional Fitting - Emergency Breathing Tube (9"):
Optional Fitting - Stainless Steel Finishing:

Quantity :



Weight(grams): 1500000

Model: SSM120

External Dimension: 2170H x 1285W mm

Clear Opening: 1955H x 1020W mm

Overall Door Thickness: 255mm

Wall Thickness: 250mm

Protective Thickness: 120mm (4.5")

Locking System: UL Listed 3-wheel mechanical combination lock + 7-Lever high security industrial lock

Fire Resistance: YES

Accessories: 1 pair of operational key for FALCON 2" Strong Room Door ; 1 pair operational keys for Grille Gate (optional fitting)

Warranty: 1 Year Warranty against manufacturing defects

Vault Door

Falcon Safe is a vault door manufacturer that emphasizes on security and protection of your vault and valuables. Our premium quality vault doors are built with durable steel bars, layers of steel constructions, and multiple locking mechanisms. View our available vault doors below.

Vault Room Door SSM120

SSM100 (4'') vault door overall thickness measuring at 225mm while SSM120 (4.5'') overall thickness 255mm secured with a series of heavy duty 38mm diameter bolts. The door back anchored with FALCON vertical reinforced interlocking rebate system for positive protection ensuring the door remain shut and locked even hinges are attacked and cut off.

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