FALCON Banker Safe (Legend 2)_650kg

FALCON Banker Safe (Legend 2)_650kg

FALCON Banker Safe (Legend 2)_650kg

RM4,911.00 - RM7,039.00

Quantity: 200

Locking System:
Handling Charges:
Additional Fittings - Envelop Slot (on Top):

Quantity :



Weight(grams): 650000

Dimension (external): 890H x 685W x 735D mm

Dimension (internal): 680H x 475W x 575D mm

Weight: 650kg

Fire Resistance: 1 Hour (tested & certified by JIS Japan Standard)

Burglary Resistant: Yes. (tested & compliance to ANS/UL687:1981 and MS 1297:1992 Specification For Fire & Burglary Resistant Office Safes)

Locking System: 3-Wheel Mechanical Combination Lock + KABA MAEUR UL-listed president 8 Lever Mechanical Key Lock

Internal Fittings: 1nos adjustable shelf ; 1nos lockable drawer

Accessories: 1nos Instruction Manual ; 4nos Operational Key (1 pair for the safe & inner drawer respectively)

Changeable Password: Yes

Warranty: 1 Year Warranty against manufacturing defects

Model: Legend 2

Banker Safe

The LEGEND series of banker safes are fire resistant and designed to offer high levels of protection. The fire resistant safes are manufactured by Falcon Safe with emphasis on resistance against sophisticated burglary attempts or in the case of a fire outbreak. Browse our comprehensive range of fire resistant banker safes below.

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