APS Floor Safe

APS Floor Safe

APS Floor Safe

RM 1,850.00

Category: APS (Wall & Floor Safe)

Brand: APS

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Model: FS1

Exterior: 353H x 216W (Dia)

Interior: 246H x 200W (Dia)

Base Width: 290mm

Weight: 10kg

Lock: Keyless Combination Lock

APS Floor Safe
Concealed Safes are the latest addition to our APS products. This product has came into demand at most recent years. There are more and more users that hungers for more sense of security. This is because most physical security item could be tampered and some surveillance devices are merely a way to recover proofs and not to prevent. Hense, APS has sparked a concept based on ''What can't be found can't be stolen''.

**Installation NOT included**

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