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Overriding Key  External Battery Box  Thickness of Countable Notes  Bin Type  Motor Cooling System  Locking Bolts  Protective Door Thickness (Metal)  Body Thickness (Metal)  Alarm  Build-in WiFi  Multiple Shift  Dimension (Internal)  Dimension (External)  Dimension   Delivery Lead Time  Input / Output  Door Bell Button  ID Card  ID Capacity  Weatherproof Keypad  Battery Capacity  Wireless Technology  Illumination  Aimer  FOV  Decode Range  Scan From  Capacity (Fingerprint)  Build-In Bell  Working Huidity  Transaction  Capacity (Face)  Capacity (Card)  Mode  OS  Trim Style  Mobile on Castor  Overheat Indicator  Plug  Drawer Trap with Lock  Locking Protection  Envelope Slot Hole Size  Max. Text Length  Fixed TEXT Perforation (1 Line Only)  Country of Origin  Secured by Keylock  Font Size  2nd Line  1st Line  Perforating Capacity (Paper/70gsm)  Communication Baud Rate  Battery Life  Work Power Consumption  Standby Power Consumption  Direction  Suitable For Most Guard Tour Device  Water Resistant  Read Distance  Read Response  Working Frequency  Read Method  Print Technology  Insertion depth  Stapling  Loading Mechanism  Type of Staples (Capacity)  Handling  Scope Of Delivery  Stapling Capacity (Paper/80gsm)  Supplied Consumables Pack  Included Software  Printable Area  Eco-Design  Operating Systems  Capacities  Printing Mode  Pull Out Frame Bin  DIN Security Level  External Connection  Sensor System  Operation  Printer  Connectivity  Software Upgrade  Number of Hopper  Sorting Precision  Sorting Mechanism  Coin Size Range  Feature Identification  Sorting Capability  Detection Mode  Number of Rollers  Carrier Required  Standby Function  Photo Lamination  Variable Speed  Max. Pouch Thickness  Min. Pouch Thickness  IntelliBAR  Air Throughput  Indicates Guidebar For Paper Centering  Center to Center Distance Between Holes  Diameter of Hole  Punching Capacity (Paper/64gms)  Voice Instruction  LCD Display  CPU  RF Card (Optional)  Password Capacity  Face Template Capacity  Verification Model  Authentication Method  Working Humidity  Logs Capacity  Operation Humidity  FRR  FAR  Backup Battery (Optional)  Access  Verification Mode  Active Scan Area  Verification Speed  Image Sensor  Operating Humidity  Operating Temperature  Algorithm Version  Transaction Capacity  Card Capacity  Face Capacity  Cutting Mats  Replacement Blades  Back Stop  Ruler in cm & inches  Paper Guides  Acrylic safety guard  Blade lock  Metric/Inch Paper Guide  Self-Sharpening Stainless Steel Blade  Trim Capacity (Paper/80gsm)  Trim Length  Envelop Slot with Anti Fishing Mechanism  Auto Reverse When Paper Jam  Shredding Capacity (A4/70gsm)  Auto Start/Stop  Fold-Away Feeding Table  Standby Mode  Automatic Reverse and Refeeding When Paper Jam  EASY-SWITCH Control Element  Forward & Reverse Function  Overheat & Overload Protection  Waste Bin Volume  Light Effort / Ease  Flat Clinch  Throat Depth  Staple Loading Capacity  Auto Detection For the Correct Side of Time Card  Password Verification  Programmable Attendance Schedule  Attendance Count  Daylight Saving  Automatic Card Feed  Full Power Reserve  Electronic Melody  Time Signal Circuit  Auto IN/OUT Shift  Two Color Printing  Correction Memory  Number of Copy  Impression Control  Typing Pitch  Typing Speed  Typing Width  Paper Capacity  Number of Characters  Printing Operation  Date & Time Format  Customized Program Printing Line  Numbering  Memory Backup  Daylight Saving Time  Print Color  User & Face Capacity  Built-In Bell  Voice  Print Report  Color Display  Work Mode  Log Capacity  User Capacity  Number of Punching Holes  Binding Capacity (Paper/80gsm)  Hole Distance  Adjustable Margin  Punch Capacity (Paper/80gsm)  Adjustable Tempearature  Working Temperature  Magnifying Glass  Magnetism Head Detection  UV Light Counterfeit Detection  Sorting Feature  Max. Coin Diameter Range  Max. Coin Thickness Range  Counting Device  Batching Selection  Digital LED Display  Printing Method  Slot Capacity  Auto Paper Clamp  Calculator Function  Counterfeit Detectable Currency  Note Size  External LED Display  Batching Capacity  Counting Number Display  ADD & Batch Function  Power Source  Reject Capacity  Countable Coin Size  Sorting Speed  Watermark Detection  Feed System  Operation Mode  Counterfeit Detection  Stacker Capacity  Preset Display  Large Display for Counting  Clamper Capacity  Feeding System  Note Thickness  Size of Countable Note  Number of Opening  Note Compartments  Coin Compartments  Inner tray  Security Lock  POS Safe  Face & Orient Sorting  Serial Number Scanning  Reject Pocket  Batch Function  Counting With UV & MG Detection  Counting With UV Detection  Counting Without Detection  Selectable Currencies For Value Counting  Value (mixed) Counting  Selectable Currencies For Sort Counting  Sort Counting  Selectable Currencies For Counting with Counterfeit Detection  Counting with Counterfeit Detection  Sheet Counting  Value Counting  Mixed Counting  Detection Method  Print Receipt  Currency  Compatible with  Printing Speed  Paper Width  UV Lamp  Details  Usage  Resolution  Memory  Operating System  Work With  How To Use  Number of Cards Per Pack  Stapling Depth  Staple Type  Stapling Speed  Stapling Capacity  Minimum Purchase  Use  Number of Staples Per Cartridge  Consumables  Drill Margin  Max. Paper Width  Gauge  Depth  Diameter (Punched Hole)  Number of Punched Holes  Embossing Speed  Paper Insertion Depth  Maximum Diameter of Impression Surface  Using Mode  Use Mode  Number of Line  Perforation  Die-Block  Perforating Ability  Automatic Stop when Bin Full / Door is Opened  Illuminated Indicators For  Automatic On/Off  Shredding Capacity (Paper/80gsm)  Shredding Capacity (Paper/70gsm)  Door Open & Paper Jam Indicator  Automatic Start/Stop  Throughput Capacity (Paper/80gsm)  Throughput Capacity (Paper/70gsm)  Cutter Feed Width / Height  Carton  Shredding Capacity  Pad Grid  Hooper Capacity  Benchmark Speed  Automatic Start and Stop  Number of Punching Pins  Maximum Film Width  Laminating Temperature  Operating speed  Standard Function  Counting Mode  Cold Lamination  Shred Capacity (Auto Feed - Paper/70g)  Overload / Overheat Indicator  Electronic Auto Start/Stop  Bin Full/Out Indicator  No. of Pocket  No. of Pockets / Pack  Language  Map Size  Foldable Mechanism  Secured by Key-Lock  Key Storage  Color (Powder Coated)  Size (Per Double Sided Bay)  Size (Per Single Sided Bay)  Book Access  Diameter (Pole)  Build Up Size (A1)  Build Up Size (A2)  Matte Plastic Sheet For Protection  Board Size (A1)  Board Size (A2)  Board Size (A3)  Board Size (A4)  Screen Size  Projector Screen Surface  Worktop Surface  Plan Loading  Plan Hanger Storage  Chair Base  Board Size (A0 size)  Board Size (B1 size)  Board Size (A1 size)  Accessories (Sold Separately)  Supported Board Size (Sold Separately)  Panel Size  Key-Lock for Door  Door  Lockable Sliding Glass Door  Table Size (Option 2)  Table Size (Option 1)  Stand  Board Frame Color  Board Size (8nos in KIKI SET)  Board Size (Option 4)  Board Size (Option 3)  Board Size (Option 2)  Board Size (Option 1)  Number of Plastic Shelf  Trolley Frame  Wooden Frame Color  Extendable Steel Bar for Additional Presentation Material  Board Surface (Color)  Steel Diameter  Foldable Pen Tray for Markers & Erasers  Adjustable Height  Compartment For Books & Magazines  Board Size / Build Up Size (Option 8)  Board Size / Build Up Size (Option 7)  Board Size / Build Up Size (Option 6)  Movable Pen Tray  Complete with Mobile Stand  Board Size / Build Up Size (Option 5)  Pen Tray for Chalks, Markers & Erasers  Pen Tray for Markers & Erasers  Glass Thickness  Full Length Pen Tray  Size (Large)  Size (Small)  Compatible with Most of the Whiteboard  Adjustable Height & Width  Supported Board Size - Height  Supported Board Size - Width  Board Frame  Foldable Pen Tray for Markers and Erasers  Paper Thickness  Wall Mounted  Multiple Color Frame  Board Size / Build Up Size (Option 4)  Board Size / Build Up Size (Option 3)  Board Size / Build Up Size (Option 2)  Board Size / Build Up Size (Option 1)  Detachable Magnetic Pen Tray  Build Up Size  Dimension (Connection Top)  Dimension (Return Rack)  Drawer c/w Lock  Dimension (With Base)  Dimension (Without Base)  Drawer  Size (Counteriser)  Size (Writing Table)  Overall Size  Table Leg  Fixed Pedestal Drawer 4D  Table Leg & Modesty Panel  Modesty Panel  Table Dimension (Option 2)  Table Dimension (Option 1)  Dimension (Side Return Top)  File Storage  Divider Panel  Dimension (Half Open Shelf Cabinet)  Dimension (Table)  Overall Dimension  Swinging Door with Lock  Swinging Door with Lock (Bottom)  Glass Swinging Door with Lock (Top)  Drawer with Lock  Size (Height)  Size (Depth)  Size (Length)  Size (Option 3)  Top Surface  Size (Option 2)  Size (Option 1)  Diameter  Dimension (Option 6)  Dimension (Option 5)  Dimension (Option 4)  Metal Leg  Dimension (Option 3)  Dimension (Option 2)  Dimension (Option 1)  Partition  Table Top  Table & Partition Size  Table & Partition Sizes  Automatic Cut-Off if Door is Open  Electronic Start and Stop  Automatic Acoustic Shut-Down Function  Cutter Warranty  Quiet Operation  Automatic Reverse Function  Electronic Start-Stop Function  Permanent Paper Volume Detection Capability  DAHLE CleanTEC Filter System  No. of Calendars Output (Per Hour)  No. of Books Output (Per Hour)  Binding Operation  Max. Binding Width  Min. Binding Width  Binding Element   Binding Thickness  Variable Margin Depth  Selectable Punch Pins (QSA)  Pitch  Punch Dies Available  Punching Operation  Max. Punching Thickness  Max. Unpunched Length  Min. Unpunched Length  Max. Punching Width  Min. Punching Width  Punching Capacity Sheets (Per Hour)  Separate CD Slot For Shredding CD  Energy Saving Mode (ESM)  Transparent Safety Flap in the Feed Opening  Pull Out Bin  Working Cycle (On/Off)  Sound Level  Working Width  Shred Capacity (Paper/80gsm)  Shred Capacity (Paper/70gsm)  Packaging  Oil Sheet Size  Safe For Use With All Other Brands Paper Shredders  Max. Document Size  Compatible with Most of the Laminator  Laminating Film Thickness  Paper Weight  Pouch Capacity  Punch Capacity (A4/80gsm)  Method of Operation  Punch Capacity (A4/80gsm) - 2-4/3-5-7 Hole Binding  Punch Capacity (A4/80gsm) - StripBind  Punch Capacity (A4/80gsm) - WireBind  Punch Capacity (A4/80gsm) - CombBind  Punch Capacity (A4/80gsm) - ClickBind  Available Length  Binds  Three Width  Warm-Up Time  Binding Time  Edit Capability  Optimal Paper Weight  Spine Thickness  Bind Capacity (A4/80gsm)  Binding Style  Document Size  Mounting  Frame  Board Size  Design  Board Surface  Board Size (with white frame)  Function  Number of Sheets  Base  Pen Tray  Flipchart Pad Hooks  Writing Board Surface  Adjustable Height Level  Room Coverage (Air Changed 2x Per Hour)  Timer Settings  Motor  AQI Indicator  Volts  Watts  Detailed Color  Night Mode  Fan Speeds  Sensor  Hertz  Date Indicator  Filter Change Indicator Type  Auto Mode  Purification Levels  Air Delivery Type  Time Card  48 Hours Standby Battery  Music Alarm  Auto Column Change  Fast Print Out  Hot & Cold Lamination  High Speed Warm Up  Roller Release Lever  Preheating Time  Size (A4)  Water Resistant & Dust Proof  Thickness  Size & Design  Battery  Power  Wave Length  Beam Range  Beam  Door Open / Misalign LED Indicator  Bin Full LED Indicator  Standby LED Indicator  Overheat Protection (with LED Indicator)  Auto Reverse  Manual Reverse  Paper Sensor  Auto Restart  Auto Power Off  Jam Free & Auto Reverse  TouchGuard  ShredSafe Cover  Separated CD Shred Slot  Castor  Pull Out Wastebin  Waste Bin Capacity  Particle per A4 Sheets  Shred Capacity (A4/75gsm)  Ready LED Indicator  Number of Heated Roller  Warm Up Time  Anti-Jam Protection  Pre-Heating Time  Laminating Speed  Max. Pouch Width  Max. Laminating Thickness  Laminating Pouch Range  Perpetual Calendar  Back Margin  Paper Size  Drilling Capacity  Shred Material (Manual)  Shred Material (Auto Feed)  Cutting Capacity (Auto Feed)  Cutting Capacity (Paper/80gsm)  Throughput Capacity  Shred Material  Loading Aperture  Cutting Capacity (Magnetic Tapes)  Cutting Capacity (CD/DVD)  Cutting Capacity (HDD up to 3.5")  Cutting Size  Cutting Type  Loading Height  Intake Width  Cutting Speed  High Quality Wooden Cabinet , Mobile on Swivel Castors  ECC Electronic Capacity Control  Identification Speed  Camera  Infrared  Card Record Capacity  Face & Fingerprint Capacity  Identification Mode  Software For Printing Report  Working Voltage  Interface  Logs Transaction Capacity  Fingerprint Capacity  Selectable Comment  Temperature Selection  3 Trimmer Types  Jam Release Function  Built-in Corner Rounder  Bubble Free Guarantee  Laminating Thickness  Warm Up  Max. Laminating Width  Digital Adjustable Temperature  Reverse Function  Heat & Cold Lamination  Built-In Bin Full Indicator  Overheat Protection (Indicator)  Bin Full Sensor  Overload Protection  Overheat Protection  Auto Sorting of Coins  Reports of Total Coins Value  Reports of Total Coins Quantity  Memory & Batching Function  Hopper Cap Capacity  Cater For Mix Polymer & Paper Notes  UV Function  ADD & Batch Counting Function  Suitable For Bundled & Scattered Banknotes  Batching, DD & ADD Function  Value Calculation  ADD Function  Batching Function  Half-Note, Chained Note, Double-Notes Detection  UV, IR & MG Counterfeit  Auto Counting  Counting Speed  Countable Note Size  Adjustable 21 Push Pull Pin  Adjustable Side Margin  Max Punching Holes  Calculator & Memory Function  Print Currencies  Print  Power Backup Battery  FREE  Memory Backup Battery  Auto Shift Column  Auto Detect Actual Printing Page of Card  Max Punching (Per Day)  Melody & External Alarm  Printing  Convenient Timer (Start & Stop)  WiFi Connection with Corresponding App (FOC)  Active Carbon  Air Flow (vary according to speed level)  Noise Level (vary according to speed level)  Fan Speed Levels (Manual / Auto)  Carbon Filter  HEPA Filter  Air Flow  Fan Speed Levels  Area Covered  Display  Number of Digits Print  Printed Information  Disply  Clock System  Type of Clamp  Format Indication  Table Size  Table Height  Dimension (Rotary Trimmer only)  Table Depth  Max. Cutting Height  Cutting Capacity (Paper/70gsm)  Item Weight  PIN Code Protection (To Lock the paper tray when Auto Feed Shredding)  Separated Bin (For Shredded CDs / DVDs / Plastic Cards)  Shred (by Auto Feed)  Mobile on Castors  Auto Eco Mode  Automatic Stop if the Shred Bin is Removed  SCC - Smart Shred Control  SSC - Smart Shred Control  Mobile on Swivel Castors  High Quality Wooden Cabinet, Mobile on Swivel Castors  Awarded the "Blue Angel" for High Energy Efficiency  Zero Energy Standby Mode  Double Motor Protection  Automatic Cut-Off if Shred Bin is Full  Patented Safety Flap in the Feed Opening  SPS Safety Protection System  ECC - Electronic Capacity Control  Shred Bin Volume  Volume of Cabinet  Automatic Oil Injection on the Cutting Shafts (Auto-Oiler)  Lifetime Guarantee on the Solid Steel Cutting Shafts  Shred Capacity - Micro Cut  Shred Capacity - Cross Cut  Machine Warranty / Guarantee on the Cutting Shafts  Movable on Castors  Thermal Overload Switch  Electronic Door Protection  Automatic Cut-Off if Shred Bag is Full  Automatic Reverse / Automatic Power Cut-Off  Control Element  Automatic Start / Stop via Photo Cell  Capacity for Shreds  Shred Collection In  Centralised Oiler  Shredding Head Takes soft Metal Objects  Security Level DIN 66399  Shred Capacity (A4/80gsm)  Auto Cut Off when Motor Over Heated  Auto Cut Off When Bin is Full (or Open)  Auto Stop & Reverse When Paper Jam  Bin Full Indicator  Shred Speed  Incline Range  Back Support Type  Adjustable Strap  Rotation  Pan  Tilt  Height Adjustments  Covering  Type of Wrist Support  SafeCut Blade Guard  Full Metal Cutting Base  Scale Boards marked in cm & inches  Number of Blades Included  Interchangeable Heads/Blades  Paper Clamp  Adjustable Paper Back-Stop / Edge Guide  Replaceable Cutting Strip  SafeCut Blade Storage  SafeCut Clamp  SafeCut Encapsulated Blade  SafeCut LED Guide  SafeCut Blade Cartridge  Cuts the Following Material  Cutting Capacity  Cutting Length  Paper Format  Document & Wire Sizing Guide  Wire Storage  Carry Handle  Adjustable Edge Guide  Adjustable Punch Selection  Punch Handle  Document Loading  Document & Comb Sizing Guide  Chip Tray Access  Satellite Removable Binding Platform  Document Storage  Comb Storage  Maximum Comb Size  Sheet Punching Capacity (80gsm Paper)  Sheet Binding Capacity (80gsm Paper)  Machine Warranty  Cable  Carrier Free  Vertical Storage  Dust Cover / Entry Guide  Photocapable / Cold Setting  User Custom Setting  Ready Signal  Sleep Mode  Active Cooling System  Reverse Mechanism  Release Mechanism  100% Jam Free / Anti-Jam Protection  HeatGuard (Cool to Touch)  Speed Adjustment  Lamination Speed  Temperature Adjustment  Heat Up Time  Number of Roller  Heating System  Pouch Thickness  Laminating Width  Thermal / Overload Protection  Casters  Paper Storage Drawer  Shred (by Manual)  Shred (by Tray or Auto Feed)  Shred Capacity (A4/70gsm) - Tray (Auto Feed)  Shred Capacity (A4/70gsm) - Manual  Cabinet Material  Bin Full Light  Auto Oiling  Energy Saving System  JamProof System  Thermal Overload Protection & Indicator  LED Light  Interlishred  Safety Cut-Out on Bin Removal  Sheet Capacity Selector  Thermal Overload Indicator  SafeSense Technology  Safety Lock  Noise Level  Thermal Overload Protection  Reverse  Auto Start / Stop  Machine Warranty / Cutter Warranty  Bin Capacity  Bin Style  Shred  Duty Cycle  Average Shred Speed  Paper Entry Width  Security DIN Level  Shred Size  Shred Capacity (A4/70gsm)  Machine Weight  Burglary Resistance  Door Slab Thickness  Overall Door Thickness / Door Protective Thickness  Number of Plastic Tray  Fittings  Loading Capacity (Per Bay)  Loading Capacity (Per Shelf)  Weight Per Bay  Dimension (Per Bay)  Plan Size  Card Size  Shelving  Loading capacity (Per Drawer)  Number of Tiers  Upright & Beam Thickness  Media Protection  Anti-Burglary Resistance  Waterproof  Floor & Wall Mounting Holes  Bolts  Solid Protective Door Thickness  Solid Protective Body Thickness  Protective Door Thickness  Protective Body Thickness  Number of Bolts (Top-Edge-Bottom)  Boltworks  Envelope Slot (on top)  Bolt  Fire & Burglary Resistance  Door Protective Thickness  Internal Fittings - Alarm Micro Switch  Internal Fittings - Lighting Control Switch  Internal Fittings - Emergency Ventilator  Wall Thickness (inclusive of plastering)  Overall Drawer Thickness  Mounting Hole  Internal Fitting  Fire Protection  Burglary Protection  Overall Body Thickness  Floor Mounting Hole  Valuables to Protect  Type of Resistance  Body Barrier Thickness  Locker Size  Type  Accessories:  Protective Thickness  Wall Thickness  Overall Door Thickness  Clear Opening  External Dimension  Dimension (Drawer)  Internal Fittings  Burglary Resistant  Removable Castor (Upon Request)  Dimension (external included castor)  Changeable Password  Mounting Hole (Floor Mounting)  Body Thickness  Floor Mounting Hole & Bolt  Fire Resistant (JIS rating)  Dimension (internal)  Max Board Height  Material  Diameter (Base)  Height  Operation Temperature  Battery Type  Reading Distance  Reading Speed  Communication  Storage Capacity  Lock  Accessories  Locking System  Fire Resistance  Dimension (internal drawer)  Dimension (external)  Verify Mode  Loading capacity  Size  Code  Power Supply  Binding Capacity  Punching Capacity  Power Consumption  Weight  Dimension  Model  Capacity  Stack Capacity  Hopper Capacity  Features  Warranty  Material Type  Color